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A new treatment for COVID-19 patients. Administered by inhaler.

Designed to prevent severe COVID-19 disease and cure COVID ‘long-haulers’.


Precision T-Cell Anti-Viral Therapy

Predicted to kill all COVID-19 Virus Variants

Under Development. FDA Approval Required.

Prevents COVID in Monkeys

FLOVID-20 showed efficacy in a pre-clinical study in non-human primates,

protecting against COVID-19 pneumonia.


COVID is a Continuing Mutation Danger

Predicted to Kill All COVID-19 Virus Variants

About Strategic Vaccines

A message from our CEO: The COVID pandemic is the most serious challenge to global security in our lifetime. The toll on human life and on the global economy has been devastating and is about to get worse. A recent article in Nature written by authors from Stanford Medical School and biotech Flow Pharma makes the case that the SPIKE protein, the only part of the virus targeted by all FDA-approved vaccines, could continue to develop variants indefinitely. In another article, Flow Pharma and Stanford researchers point out that animal reservoirs for COVID are another way for the virus to efficiently create variants. A select number of new variants become dominant as they find better ways to infect vaccinated and unvaccinated populations throughout the world. We are more than likely to be faced with a variant that will completely bypass the protection we now see from the currently available vaccines. Read More…

COVID-19 patients
expect effective treatment.
FLOVID-20 will provide the Efficacy, Safety, and Convenience patients seek.

Efficacy Designed to eliminate severe disease, hospitalization, death,
and 'long-hauler syndrome'

Safety Assembled from FDA approved components
Pre-clinical studies show no adverse events

Convenience inhaled, single dose, patient-friendly, simple

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Founding companies


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